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The second title in our Padpilot Foundation Course. ‘STEM-A’ is a phrase created by Padpilot in 2015 to describe the  science, technology engineering and maths (STEM) applicable to aviation.  This book has 2 aims: 1 – To improve your basic maths skills. 2 – To lay down the foundation knowledge which underpins much of aviation theory.  This STEM-A book explains in very simple terms the underlying maths and physics you need for aviation studies.  As such the book is slanted towards aviation applications rather than general science knowledge.  However, because it assumes no previous knowledge, and because it describes very general principles and mathematical skills, it is a very useful primer and refresher for anyone interested in improving their STEM knowledge.  For those of you about to begin theoretical studies for a pilot qualification you must read and understand the material included.



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