EASA ATPL Flight Planning 2020    Padpilot Ltd    The second edition of this Padpilot book is applicable to, and 100% compliant with, the EASA 2018 ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge syllabus for Flight Planning which comes into effect probably no earlier than 2020. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS BOOK IF YOU AREleggi →

STEM-A    Padpilot Ltd    The second title in our Padpilot Foundation Course. ‘STEM-A’ is a phrase created by Padpilot in 2015 to describe the  science, technology engineering and maths (STEM) applicable to aviation.  This book has 2 aims: 1 – To improve your basic maths skills. 2 – Toleggi →

EASA PPL Human Performance    Padpilot Ltd    This book is written by pilots for pilots and will help you to develop the best possible foundation for your future as a pilot. Padpilot is already renowned as a producer of the highest quality educational materials for professional pilots. Our PPLleggi →